Prepping for September Interviews?

Are you checking your email inbox every day just for that one golden email from the dental school inviting you for an interview? You are not alone! Our past successful candidates have all stated the same level of anticipation. What made them stand out of the crowd and emerge successfully? They were well prepared for the interview day well before their interview invite. When it comes to preparation for an interview for advanced standing programs there are two integral parts. One is preparing for your bench test and the other equally important one is preparation for your interview.

This is an important week for some of our IDC members. Southern Illinois University just wrapped up their bench exams and interviews yesterday. Some members are moving towards one of the most competitive interviews in this CAAPID cycle, the University of Buffalo IDP program. Some are equipping themselves with the skills to master the bench test and interviews at the University of Pittsburgh, on September 14th. And, others are keeping their fingers crossed for the September 12th – when the University of Pacific is expected to release their results for interview calls. We are here to help you out during this intensive process.

The three ‘K’s for a successful interview preparation are:

  1. Know your application – Know what you have mentioned in your application and be ready to answer questions about them.
  2. Know your school – Do your research about the program and the school and be ready to answer why you would love to join their program.
  3. Know yourself – You got the interview call because you impressed them on the paper. The interview is all about testing whether you are the personality that matches your application. Know your positives and negatives, be ready to answer questions about your personality and learn from other’s mistakes.

Advanced standing interviews are highly competitive with success ratios of 1:4 to 1:6 among the interviewed candidates. So, to make yourself stand out of the crowd, learn from the experienced. Make use of your mock interview sessions at IDC. Don’t give up. Practice, practice, and practice… Remember, luck favors the prepared!

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