Interview Preparation Matters for Your Dental School Interviews

You've probably thought about it but weren't sure if you really needed it. Interview preparation for your upcoming dental school interview. A lot of work, time, and money is needed to prepare, so what's the point when all you really need to do is just show up to your upcoming dental school interview and be [...]

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Why I Think Online Bench Test Courses can be Better Than In-Person Courses

Let's Talk Bench Test Prep Bench test preparation is a stressful process for those candidates looking to take the exam, and rightly so. There’s a lot of material to cover, procedures to practice and perfect, and the rigorous standards demanded of those taking the exam in North America far exceed those that have been required [...]

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Meet Dr. Madhu Who Garnered 11 Dental School Interview Calls!

I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Madhu who’s been accepted to the Ivy League University- the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine for her advanced standing program. It was truly an inspiring story as she managed to garner interview calls from 11 dental schools in the CAAPID cycle. During this interview, we talk [...]

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Four essentials to fetch you those interview calls!

Last week on November 11th, Rutgers University's advanced standing program started sending out invitations for their second batch of interviews - they are scheduled for December 16th. Boston University has interviews this week on the 17th of November, with more interview batches being filled up until January 12th, so far. For those who are preparing [...]

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Dr. Kat applying to just 2 schools and getting accepted at both!

Learning from others’ experience is a great way to learn to master yourself and get ready for the upcoming CAAPID cycle. We had the privilege to talk to Dr. Kat Mascardo, a dentist from the Philippines, who graduated in 2013 and is currently a US permanent resident.  She shares with us her success story where [...]

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Learn from Others Before Interviewing

Are you waiting in anticipation for an interview call this month? Are you prepared for that interview? And how can you gauge that you are on the right path? A common piece of advice to help with any interview preparation is to be prepared for the expected - by learning from the experiences of the [...]

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Prepping for September Interviews?

Are you checking your email inbox every day just for that one golden email from the dental school inviting you for an interview? You are not alone! Our past successful candidates have all stated the same level of anticipation. What made them stand out of the crowd and emerge successfully? They were well prepared for [...]

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