Learning from Other’s Mistakes!

As an international dentist, I have seen two cycles of CAAPID. Alas, with success at my side, having gotten accepted into a dental school, I have truly realized the depth of the commitment and preparation required to get into a dental school in the United States. We have all been listening to the success stories [...]

Strategizing for CAAPID

Let's talk about CAAPID. As you may already know, application deadlines for many of the dental schools are coming up this month and the next. We think that now is the important time to learn more about how to devise strategies for CAAPID, to assure that you make the most out of your application. Do [...]

Prepping for September Interviews?

Are you checking your email inbox every day just for that one golden email from the dental school inviting you for an interview? You are not alone! Our past successful candidates have all stated the same level of anticipation. What made them stand out of the crowd and emerge successfully? They were well prepared for [...]