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Getting a dental license in the U.S. as a internationally-trained dentist is a highly competitive and rigorous process. I did it with crushing success, and I’ve helped dozens of internationally-trained dentists do the same.

If you wonder what goes on inside my mind, everything is laid out for you in my book.

From this book, you’ll learn about

  • The big picture of the entire process
  • Different options for foreign-trained dentists to become licensed along with specific schools and programs
  • How to prepare for the tests
  • What U.S. Dental programs value and look for in applicants
  • Dos and Don’t dos for your Personal Statement, CV, CAAPID application, Recommendation Letters, and Questionnaires
  • Different options on how to prepare for the bench test
  • Important pointers to look out for when practicing for the bench test to avoid common mistakes
  • How to prepare for the in-person interview
  • Interview attire, tips & tricks
  • How to properly follow-up after your interview
  • And much more

My hourly rate is well over $100. For less than $10 you can learn it all.

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“Amazing, Must-have, Path-clearer, Helper, Motivator and Problem-Solver… So much can I say about this book..Everyone in our Pre-Dental School time need it.. This book is an indispensable part of someone who is an International Trained Dentist and wants to get to Dental School… Even the Author, Dr.Alyssa, is an amazing lady.. I contacted her, and asked for some guidance help and presto, She helps you and guides you with everything she can.. Its like having a Dentist on ur side for everything you are yet to see.. As for the book? Just stop reading reviews, stop having 2nd thoughts and just buy it… $10 is nothing when your whole career is at stake.”


“Saying that the book is just helpful would be an understatement. It can easily dispel all your doubts and apprehensions and let you form a roadmap ahead of you for your dream admission in DDS. And the fact that it is written by a person who makes you feel like a companion who is along with you throughout your journey makes it all the more worthwhile. Its worth is much more the price than it is being offered for.”


“I came across this book kind of accidentally while I was so desperate to find answers for many questions regarding application process. I decided to purchase it and found out that this book was very informative and encouraging.
Also, I purchased services such as editing personal statement and CV service from writer’s website. As a foreign speaker writing an essay was very difficult task, and she was huge help for me. Now my everything is ready to be sent.”


“At first I thought it wouldn’t be in that much detail but to my surprise, its pretty detailed (For Example it reminds you to print the matching forms for the evaluators letters when submitting them to CAAPID) . For someone who has no idea about anything, this would be really helpful! It talks about everything from what to study for taking the tests to what to do for your bench tests and everything in between. I personally know most of the things but still it was nice to read and was informative of course. She tells you what your recommendation letters should be like (Incase your evaluator wants you to give him/her a template) and also what you should and shouldn’t include in your personal essays that you write about yourself.
I personally liked the book and would like to thank you for introducing me to it!”

SDN member J2468

“A friend of mine recommended this book and I have to say that it is a “Must Have” for every international dentist looking to obtain their license in the US. This book will take you step-by-step in the process of applying to any program (DDS, DMD or a Dental Residency). The best way for me to describe this book is like having a good friend explaining what to do, saving you a lot of time! It is very well documented with the information about all the programs out there. It also will explain exactly what to study for each test. I made it last year to interviews for a residency program. This book has helped me improve the way I am presenting myself this year!! I wish I had this book when I started my process, I am sure it would had saved me a lot of time, money and effort.”


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