Learn from Others Before Interviewing

Are you waiting in anticipation for an interview call this month? Are you prepared for that interview? And how can you gauge that you are on the right path?

A common piece of advice to help with any interview preparation is to be prepared for the expected – by learning from the experiences of the previous interviewees. Their experience in the bench test and interviews will provide valuable guidance for you during this intensive CAAPID cycle. ‘’Learn all you can from the mistakes of others; you won’t have time to make them all yourself!’’

Below are some valuable resources which will help you in this regard:

  • Interview feedbacks section in Student Doctor Network (SDN)
  • Program information section at International Dentist Central
  • Reliable sources – this can be your friend, colleague, or even an acquaintance who attended the previous year’s interview at your particular school of interest.

Every dental school interview is unique in its own way. Some schools love to hear your answers to ethical questions. Some are keen on testing your communication skills in a multi-cultural environment, and some may want to ask about your research experience. So, although it is advisable to keep yourself well prepared in all aspects of a dental school interview, as you can see it also makes sense to be prepared to deal with the commonly asked questions asked by that particular school.

Since September and October are busy months for interviews make sure to look out for any information that’s put out there, take on board whatever you can, and remember we’re also here to help you out. On that note, we want to wish everyone that is attending interviews at University of Pittsburgh and/or University of Buffalo this September, and anyone that has an upcoming interview from any of the California schools, the very best of luck.

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