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You have a dream, or rather, you have a goal. You want to practice dentistry in the U.S. You’ve done so in your home country, you went through dental school and everything already, and you just want to be able to practice dentistry in the U.S. 

It’s frustrating, right?: You need a dental license to practice here, but the license from your home country is barely acknowledged in the U.S.

You have to go back to dental school, AGAIN! 

Even when you make peace with that, it’s not even easy to get a spot in an Advanced Standing Program, and the application process is complicated, not to mention being very different from anything you’ve done in the past. 

Lots of unknowns, lots of competition, no guarantees, and to top it off, it’s expensive. 

Unlike your home country where good stats are often all you need to apply, the U.S. Advanced Standing application process requires so many things you need to get together. Not only do you need to study for several months just to pass the tests, but you’re expected to apply with U.S. volunteer work and a fair amount of dental-related experience in the U.S. These days, it’s not uncommon for many candidates to get a separate U.S. Master’s Degree just to help improve their chances for even getting an interview. That kind of commitment is no small deal deal!

You’ve jumped through all these hoops to take the tests, pass them, gather experiences and whatnot, and now you’re finally ready to apply!

BUT you realize…. Wow, this is complicated. You’ve heard that it was challenging, yet this is way more difficult than you thought it would be! 

Each school wants something different, and what’s the deal with all of this writing? I mean, you’ve had to work super hard just to get here, and it’s like there’s another giant obstacle in front of you that you need to tackle. Everyone says that the essays are important but honestly, what is the difference between a good or bad essay anyway? Your experiences are what they are, and you’ve written them out in your SOP, what more can you? Will a different SOP really make a difference anyway?

On top of everything else, after applying, you’ll need to travel to the school and take a bench test and an interview (in some cases there are even written tests). And you’ll need do this for each school you’re invited to. Every program invites several times the number of candidates they’ll end up accepting, so it often feels like rolling the dice. 

And at the end of it all, if it didn’t work out you, you’ll have to do the whole process all over again, next year!

So many people have been applying for years. They speculate and try to guess what went wrong and then try again and again. You are a dentist, isn’t that good enough?

Do you ever worry that you’ll end up like those candidates that apply year after year with no success? Or perhaps you’ve have applied in the past already and did your best, but after not getting any acceptances you have a nagging feeling that you made some big mistakes.

“Why didn’t it work out for me last year?” you may wonder. 

“Was it my stats?”

“Should I have done more before applying?” 

Maybe… but how? You shadowed, assisted, and volunteered. What more should you have done?

“Was it my application and essays?”

Your accepted friends and the dentist you work with helped you with it, and you went back and forth a lot to come up with an essay you were all happy with. They seemed to know what to do with the essays and everything else, and the essay improved from its initial draft, so doesn’t that mean it’s good?

“Was it my bench test?”

The dentist you work with helped you with this too, maybe you even went to a bench test course to make sure you were prepared. Everyone seemed satisfied with your preps, so what gives?

“Was it my interview?”

You researched the program’s interview style and previously asked questions and practiced, and had a good conversation with the interviewer. They were kind and seemed to like you. 

“Aggh! Where did I go wrong???”

It’s hard to pinpoint, and it’s hard to know what you need to do differently this next cycle for this to change. You did your very best already, what are you supposed to do differently this time? Going through one cycle was a lot of hard work and it took an entire year and lots of money. One thing you know for sure is that you want to get it over with. 

What do programs want anyway? What are they looking for? 

You’ve heard the phrase “They’re looking at the complete package” more times than you care to count, but what does that mean anyway? 

The process is long, difficult, challenging, and most importantly the number of dentists competing for the limited number of seats makes the competition painstakingly high. 

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees in this process.

But what if you had someone, or even better, a team of experts at your fingertips to consult with every step of the way?  

A team that not only has your best interest at heart, but also has years of experience working with hundreds of applicants and has seen what works and what doesn’t throughout the years in order to help you make the critical decisions that lay ahead of you? 

A team on your side that combs through your experiences to help you emphasize the strongest aspects of your candidacy and to help guide you on how to strengthen the areas of your candidacy that are weakest.

A team that will give you candid feedback regarding where you stand amongst your competition and help you improve your standing every step of the way.

A team you can consult with on an as-needed basis, for everything from applications to bench test prep to writing your interview thank you letter.

A team of experts that genuinely care about your success!

If this sounds like something you’d like, we invite you to become partners with us through our IDC All-In programs. 

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“The IDC has started this creative idea of the wholistic guidance for international dentists, which I was lucky to learn and grow with them. I have previosuly applied for 2 cycles and I didn’t get in anywhere! After joining IDC, they helped me transform, my SOP, resume, the way I think and present myself, their course has transformed my handskills and my knowledge about the guidelines of preps and cavities. And I got accepted that same cycle.”

Ready to get into dental school?
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What is IDC’s All-In program?

The All-In program is a one-of-a-kind service where we work closely with you from the very beginning, from wherever you’re at currently until you gain that acceptance. Ever wished you had experts in the process you could turn to anytime you were unsure of something? Someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses intimately and who cares about your success?

Going All-In means you’re saying yes to making your hopes a reality.

Going All-In puts you on the path to having the future you deserve.

Going All-In means believing in yourself, your talent and your potential.

Going All-In means we are here for you anytime.

Going All-In means you are not in this alone, we are partners in this together, through the very end.

Going All-In means you’re not putting your future in the hands of hope. Instead, you’re putting your trust in yourself and on a system that works.

Going All-In means success isn’t just for someone else, it’s for you.

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“I would like to sincerely thank the entire IDC team (Alyssa, Kevin and my Editor in particular) for helping make an application this year that got me accepted to my dream school. I reached out to the team at a time where I was starting my second cycle of applications, having been rejected multiple times in my first cycle. Dr. Alyssa not only guided me through the start, but also motivated me to apply to the best of my capabilities, which went a long way in building my confidence. Kevin and my editor’s expertise also helped solidify my presentation, essays and interviewing skills. I cannot thank the team enough and wholeheartedly recommend this great team for all future students! “

Who is All-In for?

This is for the seasoned practitioner keenly aware that when it comes to admissions, there are no guarantees.This is for anyone who knows that hopeful wishing alone isn’t enough for dental school admissions.

How does it work?

During your initial meeting with Dr. Alyssa or Kevin, they’ll take the time to understand who you are; your background, strengths and weaknesses, and your future hopes and dreams. Gaining a real sense of your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate, they will come up with a customized application strategy to serve as a roadmap for you.

This will include:

  • An outline of your strengths
  • Identifying weaknesses and how to mitigate them
  • Recommended activities to include in your CV if needed
  • Selecting stories that will highlight you as an applicant, to include in your essays
  • Letter of Recommendation strategy to help you select your recommenders and develop templates to having them write the best recommendation letter to help you stand out
  • An Application Strategy Document, to serve as a roadmap for your applications.

Editing of Everything

Work with your consultant on all of your applications.

Unlimited revisions, unlimited number of documents. We’re not done until we’re all satisfied with your documents and how it presents you as an applicant. 

Everything is a representation of you and needs to be carefully crafted. Your personal statement, curriculum vitae, CAAPID application, recommendation letters, and any school specific essay questionnaire will be worked on by your consultant who knows your background, strengths, and weaknesses intimately to represent your streamlined persona.

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“I have never imagined that my life story will look so much incredible. You are truly a magician who transforms entire SOP yet maintains purity

I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND application material services by my IDC’s editor. 

Thank you very very much for writing such a beautiful SOP. “

Expanded Team

As a client, you have access to our entire team. Your editor for working on your applications, Dr. Alyssa for your bench test, Kevin for your interview preparation, and whoever you want to talk to at any stage of your application, you have it. 

Every year is different and every candidate is unique so accept nothing less than personalized attention that reflects your individuality.

Bench Test Mastery Course (Fully Prepared)

The advanced standing programs are unique in that only dentists can apply and dental schools take the bench test very seriously. Your work needs to stand apart from the crowd, and our Bench Test Mastery will help you get there.

All-In clients have 10 consulting hours and Ultimate clients have unlimited access to Dr. Alyssa, discuss bench test intricacies with her and get all of your questions answered. She will personally coach and guide you through.

Read more about Bench Test Mastery here

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I am so thankful to Dr. Alyssa and her team for helping me out. To be very honest, I prepared for my bench test with her for less than three weeks (not an example to be followed, starting early is always the best thing to do!) and I made it into UCLA, the first school to invite me for the test. Dr. Alyssa was very straightforward in letting me know where I stood and what I needed to do. [….]  The course follows a step-by-step pattern where there’s a theoretical part to it and then the actual prep being demonstrated. So, the course provided me clear direction which I believe all students look for once they start preparing for their bench-test. I was anxious about everything, but Dr. Alyssa’s guidance helped me build confidence in whatever I was doing and made a stressful situation a much easier one to get through! [….] “

Interview Mastery Course (Fully Prepared)

During an interview is when the committee finally has a chance to interact with you in person, and they’ll have a lot of questions prepared for you.

Get equipped with the knowledge of what they’re looking for and what’s running through their minds before, during, and after their interaction with you through this course. Learn how to answer tricky questions or situational questions. Learn to become someone they want in their program.

Read more about the Interview Mastery Course here

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“A very Big THANK YOU to Kevin! You have played such a pivotal role in my admission process. The interview preparations and feedback sessions were really helpful. I also valued Dr. Alyssa’s inputs on the dental-related questions in the panel interview. I liked the fact that many a times Kevin will go over the time limit set as you wanted to answer all of my queries and help me out as best as you can. I cannot thank you enough. […] “

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect.

Practice interviews are modeled after the real interview, simulating the program you are preparing for. Get feedback and discuss how to answer difficult questions and explain any weaknesses you have on your profile. Mock interviews and feedbacks are recorded and sent to you for you to review.

We’ll work together until we’re all satisfied with your interview performance through repeated practice sessions and feedback.

At the end you’ll have the confidence that only comes from practice and precision.

Post Interview Debriefs

We’re partners and we work hard together to get you the final yes. Meet with Dr. Alyssa or Kevin after your interview to discuss your performance and where things could be improved for your next interview. Your success is our success!

quotation marks next to testimonial for accepted candidates of bench test prep

” …… I thank Dr. Alyssa first and foremost, Kevin, and all the editors of this IDC team. They have made our lives so easy. I cannot thank them enough! You people are the best. “

Editing of Everything
Bench Test Mastery (Fully Prepared)
Interview. Mastery (Fully Prepared)
Dental Radiology and Radiographic Interpretation
Workshop All-Access Pass
10 Consulting Hours
2 Year Partnership
Go All-In
All-In Ultimate
Contact us if interested
Editing of Everything
Bench Test Mastery (Fully Prepared)
Interview Mastery (Fully Prepared)
Dental Radiology and Radiographic Interpretation
Workshop All-Access Pass
Unlimited Consulting
2 Year Partnership

That all sounds great but I have some questions..

What is the difference between All-In and All-In Ultimate?

All-In clients work with us for 1 cycle and have 10 consulting hours to use throughout the CAAPID cycle. All-In Ultimate clients have unlimited consulting hours and work with us for upto 2 application cycles if need be.
Both work with us starting from CAAPID applications through bench test and interviewing. 

Do you write all my things for me?

No, we do not ghost write your documents. We do discuss what stories to include (and also importantly, to exclude) in your SOP, how to structure it and make it flow and tie together congurently, and heavitly edit every aspect of your CAAPID applicaiton. 

What if I want to talk to Dr. Alyssa in the middle of editing?

You can! All-In clients have 10 hours of consulting time which can be used with anyone at anytime. All-In Ultimate clients have unlimited access to our whole team, and we mean it!

Will an online bench test prep course be enough to help me with my bench test?

We firmly believe the answer is yes. Throughout the years we’ve seen a lot, we’re talking through experience and not just ‘hopes.’ The key to success is to start early and practice a lot.

How much is this program?

The investment is $3,497 for All-In and $5,997 for All-In Ultimate. All-In Ultimate clients partner with us for up to 2 yearly application cycles (not just 1). That said, we promise to do all we can to help you get in during the first application cycle. After all, this is what you want, right?

What do I do to sign-up?

Please fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you to set-up a meeting to see if working with us would be a good fit. 

Why can’t I just join right now?

With our other programs, you can join online instantly. However with our All-In packages, we’d like to meet you first to make sure this program is a good fit for your needs. Also because we plan to work so closely with you, we’d like to meet and get to know you as well to make sure we’re all on the same page. Finally because of the intensity of work that goes into each of our All-In clients, we have to limit the number of clients we work with. Each year we have more interested candidates than we can accommodate, but we make sure not overextend ourselves so that we can give each candidate the attention they deserve.

I’m studying, is it too early to do this?

Not at all! We actually strongly encourage clients to come on board with us early, and here’s why: if you need to improve your profile and stats, we can guide you on how best to get the experience you need so that you’re ready to submit your applications.

quotation marks next to testimonial for accepted candidates of bench test prep

” I’ve got accepted to UCLA, my DREAM SCHOOL. Yeeeeeeeeeehh!!! I’m sure I couldn’t made this year without you. Dear folks: I highly recommend their services. If you wanna dream big… you might have to spend big.. at the end when have that acceptance letter in your hand, you will realize it’s totally worth it! I purchased almost all their services […. ]Writing was huge problem for me as I’m not native speaker. Dr.Marshall, Kevin and their consultant really took time and greatly improved my PS and CV and my overall application. As a result, I’ve got 4 school interviews and finally got into one of the best school in the world. “

Currently, we’re open for a few new clients to join our All-In program. If you’re interested, find a time to chat with Dr. Alyssa: 

Dr. Alyssa

Your Investment

All-In: $3,497 / All-In Ultimate: $5,997

quotation marks next to testimonial for accepted candidates of bench test prep

[……]They know what they are doing and inform you about your situation and prices are well worth! The whole experience was great! I highly recommend this practice to everyone!”

quotation marks next to testimonial for accepted candidates of bench test prep

My editor is a wonderful person to work with. The personal statement, resume and supplemental questionnaires he made for my application are amazing. He brought the feel to my personal statement which I wanted to express. I am glad that I received his help. Thank you my editor for everything. Now I received interviews for Periodontology residency programs. I would highly recommend him for any kind of application. “

quotation marks next to testimonial for accepted candidates of bench test prep

I am blown away.She gave me what I was looking for. An SOP which told my story and it gave the emotions I wanted. I am very happy that, although she doesn’t know me, she was able to feel where I was trying to go with my story and wanted to be heard and I felt she did that with this letter. “

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