What to expect on the day of the interview?

This article will be discussing the events that take place on a usual day of an interview for an internationally trained dentist as part of the admission process into the coveted DDS program in a US dental school. If you have been invited to an interview it is certain that the admission committee considers you as a potential candidate for admission into dental school. Among thousands of applications each year, 10-20% of students are invited for the bench test and the personal interview. Hence, I would advise you to take the interview seriously and prepare well in advance for it rather than undermining its importance

Chronology Of Events On The Day Of The Interview:

  • After entering the building of the dental school, you will be guided to the room or hall designated for the interviews. You will mark your attendance and sit with other candidates on a round table in case it is a seminar room or a bench in case it is a lecture hall.

Tip: Your demeanor is being watched over and assessed as soon as you arrive for the interview. Make sure you are always professional and humble and interact courteously with every person you meet.

  • The Dean of the Institution and other faculty members give a welcome note and give a brief introduction about themselves. To make everyone comfortable and acquainted, a brief introduction round takes place among the candidates. Candidates usually tell their name, country of residence, and an overview of their qualifications.

Tip: To break the ice, the faculty usually asks a casual question like ‘What have you been doing this summer?’ It is good to answer such questions with positive humor as it depicts your social skills.

  • The Program Director gives a presentation about the details of the program like duration, subjects, clinical rotations, vacations, etc.

Tip: Research about the program beforehand and ask questions!

  • There is a lunch break or a snack break. Sometimes, current students in the international program are called over as well.

Tip: Eat minimally. Do not get yourself too full. Interact with everyone around. Be confident always and do not get into any sort of comparison which might demoralize you. Remember, the committee saw potential in you and that is why you are there among the others.

  • After the break, the candidates are divided into two batches. One batch is given the school tour and the other batch proceeds to the interviews.

Tip: You will be walking a lot most likely. Your footwear should be comfortable.

  • The last session is usually interaction with the current students.

Tip: It is best to ask any questions you have about campus life, clinical work, etc.

If the interview and the bench test are conducted on the same day, then most likely the bench test is conducted as the last session. The administrative assistant of the program briefs you about the expected day of the results and other important details before you leave.

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This was a brief summary of what one could expect on the day of the interview. Whatever may come, just be confident and put your best foot forward.

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments. Good Luck!

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