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Connecting a Turbine to Compressor

In this tutorial, we're going to guide you on exactly how to hook up your recently purchased air compressor to your recently dental turbine unit for practicing for the bench test. Make sure to checkout our guide: Creating the Perfect Starter Bench Test Kit Let's Get Started! The Turbine unit comes with a hose with free-ends. One [...]

U.S. Visa Options for the International Dentist

Obtaining an American visa for an international dentist may seem overwhelming. The article “US Visa for Foreign Dentist” from visapro.com helps to build a clear pathway for obtaining an American visa for the international dentist. There are a few different approaches an international dentist can take to become an American trained dentist. For those who [...]

The Story of a Foreign Trained Dentist

This is the story of Dr. Ruth Pallapati, right now she is a “second year student at New York University College of Dentistry.”, and has interned at the Center for Special Dentistry. Dr. Pallapati was a foreign trained dentist in India before she came to the United States to practice dentistry. She wanted to construct [...]

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