About Kevinruess

Kevin mastered the art of interviewing through serving on several interview committees during his years in California Polytechnic State University. For over 6 years he interviewed literally hundreds of prospective students and staff members.“Each year we’d go through a lengthy and exhausting interview and selection process lasting several months” he says giving us a sneak peek of what the admissions committee goes through.“It was challenging but I learned a great deal while interacting and interviewing candidates. Many people at interviews give answers they think interviewers want to hear, I can tell you that’s the biggest mistake you can make during the interview”After being on the committee he landed every position he interviewed at – IBM, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin to name a few – which are all fortune 100 companies. This is a true testament to his interviewing skills.
Can an Online Bench Test Preparatory Course be as Effective As An In-Person Course?
Absolutely, Learn Why.