How to Prepare for the University of Michigan’s Multiple Mini Interviews

  • University of Michigan Multiple Mini Interviews

The University of Michigan has a unique interview format called MMI, which is short for Multiple Mini Interviews. It is what it’s called – several little interviews, each of them being different from one another. 

This format of interviewing has been unique to University of Michigan, and there was no good way to prepare for it so far. Every year candidates would reach out asking for guidance, but other than consulting, we didn’t have a structured way of guiding them to do well in it.

We decided it’s about time to change that!

We heard your requests, so we’ve added a bonus module to Interview Mastery to help you prepare for Michigan’s MMI. It goes deep into everything you need to know about Multiple Mini Interviews to get you ready for your big day. 

Even though Michigan’s interview format is unique, other Interview Mastery modules will help you perform at your absolute best. Each interview might be short, but it’s still an interview. You’re talking and being evaluated, just like you would in a typical interview. Showcasing confidence, demonstrating understanding of the U.S. culture, differentiating yourself from others, are just a few of the modules of Interview Mastery and are important whether you’re headed to an MMI or a typical interview as a part of your admission process.

So if you’ve been invited to University of Michigan for Multiple Mini Interviews, this one’s for you!

Learn more about Interview Mastery here

If you have any questions about how Interview Mastery can help you prepare for Michigan’s MMI, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to answer. 

Good luck!

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