University of Buffalo IDP Interview Preparation (Information updated 8/12)

UPDATE: The dates below are out of date, please visit our updated Bench Test Intensive page to learn about our upcoming courses



University of Buffalo is rolling out interview invitations these days, congrats to all of you that got invited!!

The real work starts NOW, don’t less this opportunity pass by.

Okay, nobody wants to let an opportunity slip through their fingers, but the question is,

Are YOU ready for the bench test?

Prepare like mad, I mean it. After coming this far, you want to do everything you can to make this the last interview you prepare for.

I want you to make it in, so I decided to train you hard during our Buffalo Intensive Course. 

When? July 26-28 (Fri – Sun)

Where? Austin, TX

What? Buffalo Intensive course (bench test & mock interviews) + Optional Online Intensive Course

More Details? This will be 3 days of serious hardcore training in a small group combined with the option to add-on the Online Intensive to get you interview-ready! Ton of practice, minimal theory is the motto for this course, so be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever done before – I’ll be there to guide you through.

On our first day we will start working on Class II and anterior PFM preparations.

The second day will be spent continuing to work on your preparations in the morning. In the afternoon we will start restoring the teeth you prepared during the past 2 days. We will practice both amalgam and composite and learn how to properly restore and contour our restorations.

On our last day, we will review what we’ve done and each student will work on the area they need more progress in. There will also be mock interviews held with Kevin. Don’t forget that if they don’t like you as a person, you’re out! Kevin has been involved in admissions and has conducted numerous interviews, take in his feedback and your interview skills will improve drastically.

After the In-Person part of the course is over, you have the option to continue to practice and work with me through the Online Intensive. Every student enrolled in the Online Intensive will receive a HD USB video camera (included!), with that, you’ll take pictures and videos of your work and submit for feedback.

Space is limited, so secure your spot before it’s too late!

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Why should you train at IDC over other places? Because we really care.

“I had not touched a handpiece even once since 2001. I got married, moved to the USA., and had 2 kids. I was not happy with my board score and GPA and after struggling for years, I was worried I would never make it. I finally got just 1 interview call and it was my only chance. I knew I had to make it for my children. Alyssa helped me with everything, I did not even remember how to do a crown preparation. I know I could not have done it without Alyssa’s help!”– from Rashmi, UOP IDS Class of 2014

I would love to help you too, if you’d let me.

Every student enrolling in the Online Intensive is required to have a home lab set-up. We have a set-up kit for preparation in case you need help with it. To learn more about our In-Person, Online, and Ultimate Intensives, click here. Please note that the In-Person course designed for Buffalo is 3 days in duration instead of our usual 2.

PayPal offers a program called “Bill Me Later” for qualified customers, which lets you pay the full amount to PayPal within 6 months for no interest – this can be used for the course and also the lab set-up kit, so don’t let finances be a decision making factor.

Space is limited, secure yours before it’s too late. 

Shoot me an email at with any questions you might have.


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