Loma Linda University Bench Test Course

UPDATE: The dates below are out of date, please visit our updated Bench Test Intensive page to learn about our upcoming courses


Congratulations to all of you invited for the bench test at Loma Linda!

The test date is less than a month away, and with their 2-stage interview process things aren’t easy. Lots of people are called for the bench test, and only a few will be selected for the in-person interview, so without passing the dexterity test, there’s not even an interview opportunity to show them how awesome you are.

We’re opening an In-Person Intensive designed for Loma Linda August 6-8 to help with your preparation.

When? August 6-8

Where? Austin, TX

What? Loma Linda Intensive course (bench test & mock interviews) + Optional Online Intensive Course

More Details? Be ready to train hard in a small group to get ready for Loma Linda’s dexterity test. You won’t know what you’ll be tested on until the test day, so that means there’s a LOT of things to practice and get ready for. We’ll mainly be working on class II amalgam preparations, class II and III composite preparations, crown preparations on upper and lower molars and premolars, and upper anteriors. For students that want to practice restorations, material will be ready for that as well.

There will also be mock interviews held with Kevin. Don’t forget that if they don’t like you as a person, you’re out! Kevin has been involved in admissions and has conducted numerous interviews, take in his feedback and your interview skills will improve drastically. Students that attended the Buffalo Intensive specifically stated how much they learned from this session.

Before and after the in-person course, you have the option to practice and work with me through the Online Intensive. Every student enrolled in the Online Intensive will receive a HD USB video camera (included!), with that, you’ll take pictures and videos of your work and submit for feedback.

Space is limited, so secure your spot before it’s too late!

Why should you train at IDC over other places? Because we really care.

“I had not touched a handpiece even once since 2001. I got married, moved to the USA., and had 2 kids. I was not happy with my board score and GPA and after struggling for years, I was worried I would never make it. I finally got just 1 interview call and it was my only chance. I knew I had to make it for my children. Alyssa helped me with everything, I did not even remember how to do a crown preparation. I know I could not have done it without Alyssa’s help!”– from Rashmi, UOP IDS Class of 2014

I would love to help you too, if you’d let me.

Every student enrolling in the Online Intensive is required to have a home lab set-up. We have a set-up kit for preparation in case you need help with it. To learn more about our In-Person, Online, and Ultimate Intensives, click here.

PayPal offers a program called “Bill Me Later” for qualified customers, which lets you pay the full amount to PayPal within 6 months for no interest – this can be used for the course and also the lab set-up kit, so don’t let finances be a decision making factor.

Space is limited, secure yours before it’s too late.

Shoot me an email at alyssa@internationaldentistcentral.com with any questions you might have.

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