The Story of a Foreign Trained Dentist

This is the story of Dr. Ruth Pallapati, right now she is a “second year student at New York University College of Dentistry.”, and has interned at the Center for Special Dentistry. Dr. Pallapati was a foreign trained dentist in India before she came to the United States to practice dentistry. She wanted to construct a resume before she went on to train for dentistry in the United States. Dr. Pallapati writes more about her experience in her blog “My Experience at Center for Special Dentistry”.

Dr. Ruth Pallapati’s StoryDental Work

In her experience of being a Foreign Trained Dentist, she writes

Then later in my search for internship programs, I came across [the] Center For Special Dentistry offering “ Advanced Dental Education Program” for internationally-trained dentist[s]. Dr. Dorfman has a dental website which has lot of information on various dental procedures and pictures of his own patients before and after their treatment. I was excited about his work and applied for the program where I had an opportunity to observe special dentistry at his office.

Dr. Dorfman was an inspiration to Dr. Pallapati. He helped her become more acclimated with the doctor to patient experience. Her friend Jeff, has also been a mentor. Jeff helped her by recommending her to NYUCD.

I am very grateful to Jeff for being so kind hearted and helping me to get into NYU. I was an Intern at Center for Special Dentistry for 1 ½ yr. Jeff had given me an opportunity to work as an assistant at his office. Every single day at Dr. Dorfman’s office has left me a new experience. He has all the specialties in Dentistry under one roof and treats his patients exceptionally good. I would say [that] applying for Internship at Center for Special Dentistry is one of the best choices that I have made so far!

Dr. Pallapati was a successful intern who learned the intricacies of dental work through Dr. Dorfman’s tutelage. He helped her climb to a point of being confident in her dentistry, and she eventually got a job as an assistant with Jeff after putting time into the internship.

Click here to view Dr. Pallapati’s full post.

Are you in NYC or surrounding areas, looking to gain some U.S. experience? The Center for Special Dentistry could be an awesome resource for you.

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