The Best 1 Year MPH Programs for International Dentists

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Did you know that many international dentists pursue Masters in Public Health (MPH) before pursuing DDS to add a U.S. degree to their dental resume while they prepare for NBDE? This article is for the international dentists out there who are interested in learning more about the best 1 year MPH programs for international dentists and knowing its benefits.

International dentists are often confused between pursuing their career further in dentistry or doing some other related courses which are promising yet require less time and investment. When looking to practice in the USA, the following avenues are open to international dentists:

  1. D.S.
  2. Dental residency
  3. Masters in Dentistry
  4. MPH Program

What is a Masters in Public Health (MPH)?

MPH program is usually a 24- month course in which one deals with evidence-based dentistry, statistics, decision making and implementation. Many of the international dentists use this degree to boost their resume. They also use the degree as a source of income.the best 1 year MPH programs

Anyone who enjoys dealing with public, conducting motivational programs, and data collection and interpretation can pursue this course. Accelerated one-year MPH programs and dual degree programs (MPH/DDS) are an option as well.

What is Public Health? Public health promotes and protects the health of people and communities. While health care providers often work to treat diseases, for example by completing fillings or extracting teeth in traditional clinical dentistry, public health focuses more intensely on preventing diseases. Dental public health is a recognized specialty in dentistry where specialists focus on preventing oral diseases in communities through outreach, education, research and policy.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an MPH Degree?

There are several types of MPH degree that one can pursue in the United States. The average MPH program will take at least two years but usually would not take more than three years to complete.

There are also MPH courses that are available online. The on-campus/online program offers the same rigor as on-campus MPH programs, with interdisciplinary courses taught by professors from the on-campus program. Students earn their degrees over 2.5 years (variable), taking 14 courses and earning 42-semester units. The program usually includes two intensive one-week on-campus experiences.

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Taking the MPH Course In-Person and Online?

Studying for an in-person MPH program demands you to be physically available during classes and could take up more of your time compared to taking it online. However, it gives you an opportunity to stay more focused and engaged in your lessons; encouraging better results in learning. This would also encourage detailed discussions and debates regarding subject topics where you may even learn from other people and take in viewpoints that you haven’t considered yet.

Online MPH programs on the other hand, are available either synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous classes meet at a specific time, just like in a traditional classroom setting, while asynchronous courses allow students to complete coursework at their own pace. With these two options, you can choose which one is more suitable for your personality and study habits.

Online programs also eliminate your transportation expenses and gives you more time freedom which is beneficial for those of you who are balancing studies, work and family life.

Finding the best 1 year MPH programs for international dentists

the best 1-year MPH programs for international dentists

the best 1-year MPH programs for international dentists

The schools in the US have developed accelerated MPH programs which are designed for working professionals in the public health field to get their MPH credentials quickly. This is due to the increasing demand of public health workers. A lot of these programs can be completed as short as 11 months while there are others, that could take less than a year and a half.

Here is a list of 8 accelerated MPH programs for you:

  • University of California, Berkeley – 1-Year Interdisciplinary MPH program – The program focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of complex issues and the leadership challenges of successful interventions in public health.
    Length of Program: 11 months
  • University of Florida – Accelerated MPH Degree – The 42-credit accelerated program is designed for working professionals, and it may be completed on either a full- or part-time basis
    Length of Program: 12 months
  • Columbia University – Accelerated MPH – The Accelerated MPH – This is offered within the following Departments: Epidemiology, Health Policy and Management, Population and Family Health, and Sociomedical Sciences. There is also a General Public Health format available.
    Length of Program: 11 months
  • New York University – Cross-Continental MPH Program – This is an intensive 1-year, 3-term, worldwide degree program that sends students around the world to 3 different NYU locations, including Washington, DC; Florence, Italy; and Abu Dhabi. This highly immersive global experience includes intensive practicum fieldwork and NYU’s top-tier professional development.
    Length of Program: 12 months
  • Johns Hopkins University – Accelerated MPH – Twelve concentrations are available for this program, including Health Systems and Policy, Global Environmental Sustainability and Health, and Epidemiology.
    Length of Program: 11 months
  • Tufts University – Accelerated MPH Program – This program is designed for straightforwardness and speed and can be completed in as little as three semesters by full-time students.
    Length of Program: 12 months
  • University of California, Davis – Accelerated MPH Program – This is a 56-credit degree program that prepares students for every aspect of public health, from administration and management to technical areas of statistics, epidemiology, and clinical practice.
    Length of Program: 12 months
  • George Washington University – Accelerated MPH Program – This program is an intensive online, 12-month accelerated program that requires students to take an average of 11.5 credits per quarter. The curriculum for this online one-year MPH program is the same as the traditional GW online and on-campus Master of Public Health programs.
    Length of Program: 12 months

Additionally, Dual MPH Degrees or also known as Joint Degrees might interest you as an international dentist. The DDS/MPH follows a curriculum that allows students to complete both degrees in five years (variable within universities). Students first fulfill their DDS requirements in the first and second years of the program. Adjustments are then made to the DDS clinical training schedule to enable students to balance MPH degree coursework with clinical instruction in the third through fifth year.

Individuals with degrees in dentistry and public health work in areas such as community dentistry, policy as well as in public health departments or for government entities. Public health dentists strive to improve the oral health of others at the community and population levels. This dual degree is recommended for those of you who are interested in affecting the oral health of others on a larger level within the community and population, or if you find a focus on preventing dental disease to be intriguing.

While choosing the program, you would want to consider the expertise of the faculty, student to teacher ratio, duration of the course, living costs etc.

Schools such as New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and more offer this degree option.

MPH is a valuable degree that any international dentist might be interested in taking to improve and strengthen their profile.

Have you decided on pursuing this degree to increase your chances? What factors have you considered when choosing an MPH program to pursue?


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    I’m an international dental graduate . I’m interesting to apply for dental public health. What the process to apply for dental public master?

  2. Bhaskar Gupta June 2, 2019 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    Can you give some insights if a student has completed MPH degree from United Kingdom, as that is also of one year?
    Is that be helpful in adding in profile before pursuing DDS?

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