“Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake” – How Honest Should You Be?


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One question you can definitely expect on any upcoming interviews is “Tell me about a time you made a mistake.” No one really likes talking about their mistakes, let alone discussing it during an important job interview such as a job interview.


But why do interviewers ask this?

Interviewers love it when you are willing to tell all the juicy details of your past big mistakes and blunders. Why?? Because they want to avoid hiring incompetent and negligent employees while instead hiring people who are thoughtful about their actions and learn from their mistakes.

So how honest should you be when answering this question? Being too open about big mistakes can lead to you shooting yourself in the foot, while being too guarded can have you written off as non-compliant.

Let me give you the skinny on how to respond to this tough interview question so that you become the person they want on their team. 

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