Interview Preparation Matters for Your Dental School Interviews

interview preparationYou’ve probably thought about it but weren’t sure if you really needed it. Interview preparation for your upcoming dental school interview. A lot of work, time, and money is needed to prepare, so what’s the point when all you really need to do is just show up to your upcoming dental school interview and be yourself?

Isn’t it a bad idea to try to pretend to be someone you’re not anyway?

I wish it were that simple. Having been through a lot of interviews myself over the years I can comfortably say that the ones where I simply showed up and acted as myself were the ones that didn’t go very well. Instead, it was the ones where I diligently spent time practicing and increasing my knowledge about the program or company I was interviewing for in order to be an expert when I showed up to the interview; these are the interviews that I nailed!


Preparation Matters When It Comes to Interviews

Professional preparing for interviewPreparation matters in nearly all aspects of life in order to succeed, why would it not matter for one of the most important events of your life: your dental school interview? Your upcoming interview may be the very thing the catapults you into the first day of the rest of your career as a dentist. If you succeed during your dental program interview, you’ll be able to start dental school and commence your training as a practitioner in one of the most fast-paced and rewarding medical careers out there. On the other hand, if you don’t impress during your dental school interview, you either have to hope for better luck next time, or eventually face the fact that no school will accept you into their program and that you may need to start looking for another career, or be willing to take the next best thing and work as a dental assistant.

There’s nothing wrong with being dental assistant. It’s a great career in and of itself. However, for most of the candidates I work with, they’re highly ambitious and do not like to settle for second best.

Does the Dental School Interview Really Matter that Much?

“But I have on my pre-dental requirements completed, I’ve taken the DAT, won’t I eventually be admitted into a dental program?”


That all depends of course on you as a candidate. How good were your grades? How was your score on the DAT. And how does your application and Statement of Purpose read to potential dental schools? Sadly I’ve met a lot of candidates with mediocre grades and test scores, and with mediocre application documents. This combination usually doesn’t get most candidates very far. However, in the few cases where those candidates were invited for a dental school interview, their lack of preparation for their interview resulted in a pass, meaning no programs took them for that year. I’ve known some dental school applicants that just got so tired of the process year after year that when I met with them we’re literally ready to give up on the process. For a number of these candidates, dental school interview preparation was the missing link. Once they were willing to spend some time focusing on becoming an incredible candidate for their upcoming interview, they finally started to get acceptances to dental school programs.


For others it was more about wanting to be accepted into the program of their choice. While less prestigious dental school programs were willing to accept them, they knew that an improvement in their interview skills would likely make the difference between them getting into their dream school and not.


What Does Interview Prep Entail?

“Okay but what is there really to prepare for in an interview? I mean we all know what an interview is, it sounds pretty straightforward to me.”

This is where a lot of candidates go wrong. They’re unwilling to learn the reasons behind why interview questions are asked as well as even the basic fundamentals of the interview process. It’s always interesting to me because people who want to become dentists are usually very meticulous and thoughtful. They understand that dental school will teach them what they need to know about oral biology, oral pathology, structures and materials of teeth, and the best methodologies and practices for dental treatments. They understand that dental school is more than just about getting a piece of paper that authorizes them to begin dental treatment on a patient. The pieces of paper (your dental degree and license) are just a few aspect of being a dentist— the important thing is to actually know enough about dentistry as a science and an art, to effectively treat a patient. While most dental candidates understand the importance of dental school, many of them fail to see how learning the ins-and-outs of the interview process can help them succeed with getting into dental school.


You wouldn’t just “wing it” without the proper knowledge of dentistry and try to to perform a complex restoration on a patient without the proper training. So why would you show up to your dental school interview thoroughly unprepared?

The candidates that I tend to work with, often come to me after they’ve failed at a few dental school interviews. They schedule their first appointment with me and begin to explain that they messed up during their last interview and how they’re not sure what they should have said instead. We work together to resolve those issues and strategize a better way to answer the same questions. But to be honest, I much would have preferred if they came to me before their first interview so that they wouldn’t have wasted that opportunity. You never know how many more opportunities you’re going to get.

If you’ve been considering signing up for dental school interview prep for your upcoming interview, I’d highly encourage you to do so. The truth is that most candidates don’t realize how bad they are coming across during their interviews until they have an interview expert give them that honest and direct feedback.

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. At IDC, we’ve helped literally hundreds of dental applicants get into the dental school programs of their choice over the past 5 years. Our process is both simple yet very effective. We first teach you everything you need to know about how interviews work, from a bird’s eye view to the subtle details. Next, you practice one-on-one with one of our dental school interview experts and encourage you to make mistakes with us first, before you go and make those mistakes in your real upcoming dental school interview. We strategize new and better responses for each dental interview question, tailoring it to the specific program wherever we can. Finally, we help you to polish your responses, improve your body language and tone, and ultimately master your interview skills until we’re all convinced that you’re ready to rock.

Our interview preparation system is called Interview Mastery and it’s the most comprehensive and powerful interview preparation system out there for dental school candidates preparing for their upcoming interview.


Learn more about Interview Mastery.

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