Eligibility Requirements for NBDE Part 1 Exam

  • Eligibility Requirement for NBDE Part 1

The Joint Commission Of National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) is a body responsible for the development of the both parts of the National Board of Dental Examinations (NBDE). In your journey to become a licensed dentist in the United States, Taking the NBDE Part 1 is the first step. You must meet the eligibility requirements for NBDE Part 1 exam to take the exam. In this article, I shall be covering the NBDE Part 1 exam requirements in detail.

You can take the NBDE Part 1 while you are a dental student just after you finish the first two years of dental school, after you graduate as a dentist or any time after that. The eligibility requirements for NBDE Part 1 exam depend on the type of school you are attending or graduated from i.e. CODA/ Non- CODA school (Commission on Dental Accreditation).

Eligibility Requirements for NBDE Part 1 Exam

Eligibility Requirements for NBDE Part 1 Exam

NBDE Part 1 Exam requirements

To participate in the NBDE Part I, a candidate must qualify through one of the following provisions:

  • Dental Student- Accredited U.S./ Canadian School

The dean of the dental school (or a designee) verifies that the student is prepared in all NBDE Part I disciplines.

Visit CODA’s website for a listing of accredited dental programs on ADA.org/CODA.

  • Dental Student- Non- Accredited U.S./ Canadian School

If the dental school is not CODA accredited, certification must be provided by the school on the Certification of Eligibility Form (PDF) at ADA.org/JCNDE in order to confirm that the candidate is an active student. The completed form must include the seal of the university and the signature of the dean or the registrar. An ECE report must also be provided for the verification of educational credentials obtained from non-accredited dental schools

  • Dentist- Graduate of a Accredited U.S./Canadian School

An affiliate member or a nonmember must submit verification that he or she is a dentist. 

Such verification must be in the form of a letter of recommendation from one of the following:

  1. The secretary of a board of dentistry of a United States licensing jurisdiction in which the individual is licensed or eligible for licensure as a dentist.
  2. The dean or registrar of an accredited dental school from which the dentist graduated.
  3. The dean, director, or registrar of an accredited advanced dental education program in which the dentist studied or is studying at the postgraduate level.
  4. The dean of an accredited dental school to which the dentist is applying for admission with advanced standing
 NBDE Part 1 Exam requirements

NBDE Part 1 Exam requirements

  • Dentist- Graduate of a Non Accredited Dental School

First of all, you register for a DENTPIN at ada.org

The DENTPIN® (DENTal Personal Identifier Number) is a unique personal identifier for professionals and students involved with the U.S. dental education system and standardized testing programs. You must retrieve or register for a DENTPIN® and use it to apply to a dental education program or application service, apply to test, or request a score report. 

You must have official dental school transcripts verified by Educational Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE).

ECE prepares evaluation reports that identify U.S. equivalents of educational qualifications earned in other countries.

To request an evaluation report, visit www.ece.org, select “Evaluation Report,” and request that a General Report or a Corse by Course Report be sent to the Department of Testing Services.

Required documents can be submitted to ECE either by the applicant OR directly by the issuing body.

The required documents vary from country to country. For example, Indian students need to provide original or attested copies in a sealed envelope of the 

  1. Degree, Diploma, or Provisional Certificate confirming the earned qualification.
  2. Statements of Marks for all examination attempts, or official Transcript Issued by the university or the autonomous college.
  3. Internship Completion Certificate 

After you post these documents and the reports are prepared by ECE, you can request a report to your DENTPIN account. You may register for the test now.

  • Dentist – Graduate of Non-accredited Dental School Currently Enrolled in an Accredited Dental Program

A graduate of a non-accredited dental school who is enrolled in an accredited dental education program is eligible for examination when the dean of the accredited U.S. or Canadian dental school (or a designee) certifies that the candidate is eligible for the examination.

The eligibility requirements and the process for registering for the NBDE Part 1 are usually pretty smooth. Do let us know if you need help about a specific point! Good luck!

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