“What’s Workshop All-Access Pass?”

Every Available Workshop

You get access to every available Workshop Wednesday recording. Actually you even get recordings of workshops from before we even started Workshop Wednesdays, including all of our member-only meetings.

Private Community

Every Workshop Wednesday is delivered through a shiny membership site. You also get to become part of our private member-only Facebook group where Bench Test & Interview Mastery members interact with Dr. Alyssa and Kevin.

30 Day Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Take the Workshop All-Access Pass for a spin for 30 days. Go through as many of the workshops as you’d like. If you aren’t completely satisfied, email us for a complete refund. (We like to keep things simple.)

Your Investment: $197

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What Workshops Will I Get?

Here’s what’s waiting for you right now

Why You should Care about Applying Early

What a Good Recommendation Letter Is and Why It Matters

USC PBL Workshops

Colorado Interview Q&A session

How to Get Started with Your Bench Test Preparation

Top 10 Common Interview Questions

Patient Positioning and Indirect Vision

The Power of an Effective Interview

…plus every new Workshop Wednesday!

Your Investment: $197

Get Workshop All Access

How Do I Get Started?

Just click on the button below to enter your payment details. Once you do you’ll get access to our member site, which has all of the workshop videos waiting for you.

Get Workshop All Access

Your Investment: $197

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I watch the workshops for free?

Yes the workshops are free while they’re live (Wednesdays at 3pm EST). After the workshop is over, the replay is only available for members.

How long after the workshop is done until the replay is up?

Typically by the end of the week the workshop replay will be up and ready for you to view. We’ll let you know in our Facebook group and by email when a new replay comes up.

How long will I have access to the workshops?

If you’re on our monthly plan, you’ll have access while your membership is active. If you go for the one-time investment, you’ll have access to all workshops, including the new ones, until you get accepted.

If I join the monthly option, how can I cancel?

We’ll be sad to see you go but you can cancel anytime by sending us an email at

Where are the workshops available?

Once you join you’ll have access to a member-only website that houses the workshops.

How do I get in the private Facebook group?

We’ll send you the link to join in the welcome email once you get your All-Access Pass. If you have any difficulty getting in, you can reach us at and we’ll help you get in the group.

Your Investment: $197

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