We understand how important the TOEFL is to your application process. It’s important to note that this is one of the easiest ways to improve your application. Schools want to know that you’re not going to face any trouble or challenges reading and writing in required dental courses and a high TOEFL score assures them that you’ll be ready to roll.

What Score Should International Dentists Shoot for On Their TOEFL?

We recommend at least 100 or above. Great scores are anywhere above 107! Nonethless, if you have 100 or better, there’s no reason not to submit your application to programs.

How Many Times Should I Take the TOEFL?

As many times as you need in order to get a good enough score! Ultimately, you get to use your top score when applying and the programs don’t know how many times it took you to get to that score, so ultimately you’re not penalized by the number of times you take TOEFL. We say, take it over and over until you get there!

How Should I Prepare for TOEFL?

We don’t offer TOEFL preparation here at IDC because there are so many great institutions out there already helping with TOEFL. We do have on trusted partner BestMyTest who we’ve heard back from a number of our clients work with who were very happy with their TOEFL results.

Check them out:

BestMyTest Online TOEFL® Preparation Course

Can an Online Bench Test Preparatory Course be as Effective As An In-Person Course?
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