Four essentials to fetch you those interview calls!

Last week on November 11th, Rutgers University’s advanced standing program started sending out invitations for their second batch of interviews – they are scheduled for December 16th. Boston University has interviews this week on the 17th of November, with more interview batches being filled up until January 12th, so far.

For those who are preparing themselves for the coming year’s CAAPID do NOT underestimate the power of a strong application. The following four essentials, if taken on board can really help make you stand out as an applicant:

An effective personal statement

Strong applications are always accompanied by a very effective personal statement – not just a summary of your curriculum vitae, or a narrative of your accomplishments. An effective personal statement should be written in such a way that a powerful connection develops with the reader, it should showcase you and your personality. The communication should be so strong that it makes the reader want to choose you over the other applicants. Do your research on how to construct an effective personal statement for you,  never make the mistake of copying someone else’s. The last thing the dental schools want is your personal statement to sound non-personal and fake.

Strong Letters of Recommendation

Make sure you get the best of your recommendation letters from your faculty or dentist. Never lose out an opportunity to take a letter of recommendation from a USA based dentist or professor. Try to get letters of recommendation from people who know them best and are willing to take the time and effort to write good LORs. Do NOT ask an LOR from someone who doesn’t really know you, just because that person is a famous US dentist or US dental professor. The last thing schools want to read is an LOR that feels rushed and uninterested.

Well written Supplemental applications

Every year the number of schools asking for supplemental applications has been increasing. By supplemental applications, we mainly denote the supplemental questions and your corresponding answers for them – those that are needed to be submitted along with your CAAPID application. Some schools even prefer to see the supplemental answers before going through your primary CAAPID application. By asking those questions, they simply want to see how good a fit you are for their program by trying to understand you and your personality as an applicant. So, never ever underestimate the importance of a supplemental application.

A well-presented application

Last but not the least, CAAPID allows your curriculum vitae to be entered manually, so make sure you present yourself professionally and present yourself as a holistic applicant. Under each experience make sure you present yourself holistically and at the same time precisely. It is also important to keep additional copies of your curriculum vitae in hand, ready and updated, as some other dental schools like the Californian schools may ask for additional copies to be sent along with your supplemental application.

Make sure you have these ready before March. They should be grammar and syntax error free –  be sure to proofread it multiple times, or seek professional help, when needed. Never miss the opportunity to perfect the factors at your hand they will help you fetch that interview call.

Today is an opportunity to get better, do not waste it!

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