Pevor NEW Slow Low Speed Hand Tool Push Button 2H E-type


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Contra angle hand tool:

✦Low Speed 22,000-27,000 rpm.
✦The shank of the instrument mounted therein is 2.35 mm
✦Fastening of the instruments with a turning latch
✦Autoclavable 135°C
✦For any lab or E-type motors

Straight Nose cone:

✦Working pressure: 0.3MPa (4-hole);
✦0.25MPa (2-hole) (Measure meter is installed at the end of air motor to measure the air pressure).
✦Revolution: about 22000-27000r/min (adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
✦Noise: ≤68dB
✦Air consumption: about 56L/min
✦Ratio: 1:1
✦Max speed of contra angle: 25000rpm/min.

Air Motor:

✦Supply air pressure: 245-392KPa (2.5-4kgf/CM2)
✦1:1 Direct Drive
✦2 holes
✦Max speed 20,000 min-1

Specifications For Hand Tool:

✦Air-in Pressure(kg/c㎡): 2.5; 3; 4
✦Motor Rotation(rpm): 22,000; 25,000; 27,000
✦Air Wastage:(N1/min): 42; 51; 72

Packing List:

✦E-type air motor 4-Hole: 1 each
✦Straight nose cone: 1 each
✦Contra Angle hand tool: 1 each
✦Water spray nozzle: 1 each
✦Oil spray nozzle: 1 each
✦CAP Spanner: 1 each
✦English manual: 1 each


  • ◆This complete kit includes low speed hand tool contra angle model, low speed hand tool straight model and low speed air motor.
  • ◆Precise technology, Steady, no vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
  • ◆135°C Autoclavable and suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave.
  • ◆E-type connector, push button and easy to operate.
  • ◆Unique design, light in weight and different tools meet different needs.


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