Oubo-Woodpecker UDS-K With Detachable LED Light


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Technicial specifications:
Power input: ~220V±10% / 50Hz ± 1Hz 150mA
Main unit input: ~24V 50Hz ± 1Hz 1.3A
Output power: 3-20W
Frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
Dimensions: 170mm *111mm *65mm
Water Pressure: 0.1bar ~ 5bar(0.01MPa ~ 0.5MPa)
Main Unit Weight: 0.75kg
Power supply weight:1.25kg
Packet including:
1 UDS-K -LED main unit
1 Detachable handpiece
5 tips (2pcs of G1, 1 pc of G2, G4, P1)
1 torque wrench
1 charger
1 foot switch
1 hose
1 Operation manual


  • Brand:Woodpecker Model:UDS-K-LED
  • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient
  • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always work on the best frequency
  • Detachable with light, better visibility, autoclavable
  • Small and light designed, easy operation


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