Dental USA 2101 Hatchets H8/9


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Hatchets H8/9

This product is for Dental Instrument purpose only and prohibited other purposes

This product is belonging to one of the following categories

Dental Diagnostic, Dental Scaler, Dental hygiene Instrument, Dental Extraction Forcep, Dental Scissor, Dental Implant, Dental Periosteals, Dental Endodontic, Dental Explorers, Color Probes, Sickle, Scaler, Curettes, Universal Curettes, Gracey, Columbia, Barnhart, Langer, Sugarman, Hygiene, Mccall, Montana jack, Prophy, Periodontal, Operative, Hoe, Restorative, Carver, Knives, File, Burnishers, Carving Knives, Cleoid Discoides, Ward, Plastic Filling, Thin Composite, Gingival Retractors, Cord Packer, Pkt Waxing, Pluggers, Condensers, Heat Carrier, Pfi, Hollenback, Excavators, Hatchets, Chisels, Margin Trimmers, Periosteals, Eleavators, Root Tip Pickers, Teasers, Bone Chisels.

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Dental Perio Institute


  • Dentists can deliver precise treatment with comfort for all patients with our instruments.
  • Dental USA raises the level of heat treating to a 50-55 hardness rating
  • Proper bending of each tip, from 1 to 6 times, to insure proper use qualities.
  • Purchasing the best quality materials.
  • Skilled technicians are manufacturing the shapes of each tip.


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