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Frequently Asked Questions

Until you get accepted. We’d like it to be this year but even if it’s not, you’ll stay a member with the same privileges throughout.

If you’re a member of one of our courses (Interview Mastery and Bench Test Mastery), or if  you’re already a member of both courses, we’re very sorry but this a time sensitive special that’s only for new members.

If you signed up in the last 7 days however, please let us know and we’ll make an exception for you by allowing you upgrade.

Once you become a member you gain access to our Member-only Website. On that website there’a  page you can use to upload pictures of your prep and leave notes to go along with it for Dr. Alyssa. Once she receives it she’ll pull it up on her laptop, move her mouse around while speaking into a microphone to evaluate the preparation – it becomes a video. She focuses on how to approach things differently to improve your skills.

She says that mistakes are not unique, but rather people repeat the same mistakes over and over again. When she see’s a preparation she’s able to tell what the operator did to produce that preparation in an instant.

Preparations are made from fast spinning burs. Wherever a bur touches a tooth, it leaves a trail behind. So by looking at the tooth a trained-eye like Dr. Alyssa’s can tell what movements were made by the burs, and therefore by the handpiece, making it possible to give detailed advice to help you improve.

Yes it’s a bit unconventional to learn preparations online, we totally understand you wonder how it’s done.

And yes, you can improve your hand-skills a great deal through the online Bench Test Mastery.

Our students say they turn on the course videos every time they do a preparation – that way they follow along step-by-step and repeat a ton. Repetition is the mother of skill.

We also use a special filming technique called Zoom-2-View that simultaneously films a preparation in motion from 2 views at once. This way you can see how the bur is moving from different angles and are not confined to 2 dimensional viewing.

If you do your part, which is watching the videos, practicing, and sending in your work and being open to changing the ways when you receive feedback – yes, you will improve a lot with the Bench Test Mastery.

You’re definitely not alone in needing refreshers for your basics. Bench Test Mastery was created with you in mind.

We have modules that go over basics starting from How to Hold your Handpiece, and with every preparation there are accompanying theory videos and explanation videos that you’ll watch before actually starting the prep. In those you’ll learn what exactly you’re trying to do with the prep and how you’re going to do it. Only after all of that will you actually pick up the handpiece and start doing it yourself.

While it’s true that everyone has their own style in expressing their unique abilities and experiences during their interview, all interviews follow certain constants, that need to be recognized and understood by candidates in order to ensure their success. Candidates who walk into an interview ignorant of these principals risk making major mistakes. Remember, for each school you only get to make a first impression one time (even if you’re invited back for a second interview, it’s hard to change your earlier first impression).

Absolutely not. Our course is designed to give you the necessary framework and context for your upcoming interview so that you can respond to any question in a truly unique and refreshing way. In fact, we find that those candidates who don’t go through our interview training are more likely to end up sounding the same as everyone else because they are not aware of the most common pitfalls that interviewees make, nor are they aware of how common their responses actually are. We don’t let you fall into this trap, but instead teach you how to come up with truly interesting responses during your interview that intrigue your listeners.

We cover the most frequently asked questions that international dentist candidates are regularly asked year after year during their interviews. We’ve obtained these questions through discussions with our clients who’ve undergone interviews at the various advanced standing programs throughout the U.S.

For each interview question, we provide a video overview of the best practices for responding to that question. If you find that there’s a question that we don’t cover in the course that you’d like to get tips for how to respond during your upcoming interview, you’ll be able to submit new questions to us that we’ll add to our queue of topics to cover.

In the Words of Our Past Clients

A very Big THANK YOU to Kevin! You have played such a pivotal role in my admission process. The interview preparations and feedback sessions were really helpful. I also valued Dr. Alyssa's inputs on the dental related questions in the panel interview. I liked the fact that many a times Kevin will go over the time limit set as you wanted to answer all of my queries and help me out as best as you can. I cannot thank you enough. I wish to thank Kristen for her untiring efforts on the documentation. Her choice of words and style in editing the statement has helped me a lot in the whole process. She was always open to suggestions and modified the statement many a times to accommodate my requests until I was finally satisfied. In addition to the statement, I feel the resume editing also helped to make the application coherent. I had a wonderful experience. I will recommend it wholeheartedly. I feel it helped me to tell my story the way I wanted to. Thank you guys so much in being a part of my journey. I wish you all the very best and hope you continue to help the students and share your knowledge.
N.A., Class of 2017
Hello Kevin! I would like to thank you for your advice and assistance. I made it to UIC! You were one of the few people who helped me achieve this goal. Thanks again and good luck with your business!
Priya Chandni
I got an acceptance from University of Buffalo. Thank you very much. Your videos and feedback have been very helpful. Thank you very much for following up with me and taking such good care.
Gayathri Shenoy
Hope you are doing well. I got accepted at TUFTS and Oklahoma ? and I couldn't have done it without you and Kevin!!! It feels so surreal and hasn't sunk in yet, but yes I'm totally ecstatic!! Looking back, I know that joining your course was probably one of the best decisions I made through this journey. While you helped me perfect my hand skills, Kevin helped polish my interview skills. I was a bit taken aback when you told me that I needed to work on my confidence. But only a teacher who genuinely cares could recognise that. You both helped me work really hard on that and I think I really shocked myself with the level of confidence I felt going into each interview and while taking each bench test. I believed in myself because you believed in me ? I was interviewed at Loma Linda, Buffalo, Chicago, Tufts, Oklahoma, Pacific and UPenn. Thank you both for everything again!!
S.A. Class of 2017
I hope your are doing great. I wish to share this amazing news with you - I made it! I got accepted at UOP class of 2017. Thank you for your help! Have a great day!
Sylvia Carlos
I wanted to thank you for your time and help. I can't believe the way you make time to help us in such a personal manner. The course is awesome!
M.S. Univ. of Buffalo Class of 2016
I met Alyssa at a time when I was in desperate need of mentorship. I went to Texas for one of her 3 day courses and was amazed and very satisfied at what my experience turned out to be. Dr . Marshall guides you through every step needed to achieve perfection in your bench exam. She goes down to the basics and concentrates on each student individually which I loved the most. After the in-person course my online experience with Dr Marshall and Kevin was amazing they guided me completely for my interview process as well. In short I would recommend this to everyone who wants to succeed in securing their spot on the school of their choice. Thank you Alyssa and Kevin Marshall for helping me achieve my dream.
Pooja Palaksha
I am very excited to share a good news with you. I got accepted at Boston dental school last week. I really appreciate all the help and guidance you provided me during the course. It really improved my work a lot and made me confident. I truly had great time in Austin with you and Kevin.
Esther B. UCLA Class of 2016
Dear Dr. Marshall and Kevin I really really really appreciate for everything. I’ve got accepted to UCLA, my DREAM SCHOOL. Yeeeeeeeeeehh!!! I’m sure I couldn’t made this year without you. Dear folks: I highly recommend their services. If you wanna dream big… you might have to spend big.. at the end when have that acceptance letter in your hand, you will realize it’s totally worth it! I purchased almost all their services: editing, mock interview, bench exam intensive course, and in person 5 days course and tried to make all work show and online meetings. Meetings and mock interviews were very informative, inspiring and encouraging. Writing was huge problem for me as I’m not native speaker. Dr.Marshall, Kevin and their consultant really took time and greatly improved my PS and CV and my overall application. As a result, I’ve got 4 school interviews and finally got into one of the best school in the world. Taking an in person course was one of the best decision I ever made in my life. Dr.Marshall guided us every steps and corrected my mistakes. At UCLA’s bench exams, they invited 100 students and only 56 students passed the exam and got opportunity for the interview. All spending was totally worth it?
Shalini C. Univ of Buffalo Class of 2016
I am writing this review as I am confident that people looking for bench test help, do not have to look elsewhere. Dr. Alyssa & Kevin are versatile teachers; to be specific, they are good at observing your style of learning and teaching, accordingly. Their course is a single stop for everything you need for interviews and bench tests. They make your goal their priority. For example, they were in touch with me until the day I called to say I made it; however, I never heard from them later. This shows how much their hearts are with people who are still trying to get in to the school. They are a resource at hand; just make use of your resource wisely. I wish you all a very best future.
I really enjoyed my mock interview with Dr. Marshall of International Dentist Central. She guided me for my every question. I was nervous as it was my first interview but now i know basics of the interview and learned a lot. I would like to suggest this mock interview sessions of international dental central for everyone.
Lakshmi, Dr. Hari
At present I am enrolled in this program. It is good! I am taking the online course and I think online course is better than the on-site one. Their videos have more quality and her feedback on the work is really helpful. Even the mock interview is good!
M.S. Univ. of Buffalo Class of 2016
I met Alyssa at a time when I was in desperate need of mentorship. I went to Texas for one of her 3 day courses and was amazed and very satisfied at what my experience turned out to be. Dr . Marshall guides you through every step needed to achieve perfection in your bench exam. She goes down to the basics and concentrates on each student individually which I loved the most. After the in person course my online experience with Dr Marshall and Kevin was amazing they guided me completely for my interview process as well. In short I would recommend this to everyone who wants to succeed in securing their spot on the school of their choice. Thank you Alyssa and Kevin Marshall for helping me achieve my dream.
MG, USC Class of 2016
I got acceptance from USC ASPID Class of 2016. My interview and bench test was quite okay, however they kept me on alternate list. Recently, they had send their first alternate list results and I got acceptance. I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance. It would not have been possible to crack the interview and bench exam in this high neck competition without your guidance. Students like me really need you and I would like to thank you on behalf of all them. Your in-personal class was amazing and I had learned a lot from that. I am sure this will going to help me in long run. Thank you again for organizing such intensive course.
Aseel M. UCLA Class of 2016
This prep course saved my life! I was out of practice and had gotten the call to come in for a bench test at UCLA. I went into total panic of course and that’s when I found this course online. Besides all the online help, Dr. Alyssa gave such helpful hints and guidance, not to mention encouragement, during the in-person practice week. She was willing to look at every prep I did and tell me exactly what was right and wrong about my work. The mock interview I did with Kevin was unbelievably constructive as well. Overall, it was all very professional and went beyond all my expectations; they are wonderful people as well as phenomenal instructors and advisers. Ultimately, it all paid off because with their help I was accepted into the PPID program at UCLA, class of 2016!
Diem Cao
When I first came to the US, I had a chance to know Alyssa and her International Dentist Central when she organized a totally free and awesome prep for international dentists. The first experience when working with Alyssa and Kevin was very helpful. The first cycle that I applied offered me 4 interview invitations. But when I received the refusal of the first 3 schools (even though that I thought I did a great job), I knew that I had to investigate the causes of failure and got help from experienced people. I decided to go online on her website, got my personal statement and CV edited, my interview skills improved. Alyssa and Kevin gave me so good advice. Honestly, for all the money I spent to make it work, it's truly worth investing. And I made it to COLORADO dental school. I could say the bench test and interview was the most difficult and challenging I've ever had, but I was so well prepared. I highly recommend this service to anyone who really wants to make it happen in the first batch! Go for it and you'll never regret!
Salma M, Univ of Buffalo Class of 2016
I strongly believe that taking the international dentist course with Dr Marshall has really helped me a lot in preparing for my bench test and my interview as well. In the online courses was really useful and did prepare me for the intensive (in person ) course. In the intensive course Dr. Marshall watches while you are working and guides you step by step and gives you a feedback so that you can work on the points that you missed till you actually get it . The mock interview was also a great help, it helped me in organizing my thoughts and answers and it gave me a great confidence during the interview .
Surabhi G. USC Class of 2016
Dear Dr. Marshall, How are you and Kevin ? I am very happy to tell you that your student made in to USC. ? Just got the acceptance letter yesterday. It surely would not have been possible without your and Kevin’s guidance. Thank You so much to both of you for helping me out in this huge endeavor. I really do hope I get a chance to meet you again . Thank You so much for everything.
Dele Ambeke
2018/ University of Pacific IDS class of 2021
I first came upon the International Dentist Central (IDC) last year and knew immediately that this was what i wanted. This is because i have a full time job and there are limits in the amount of time I could spare to attend in-person programs. it was also much more affordable too. I got in on the complete package via the Colorado special they ran at the time and Folks, let me tell you: It IS the complete package. There's a treasure trove of information. pretty much EVERYTHING you need is available. The interview mastery by Kevin really played a major role in helping me answer those questions such as tell me about yourself, a question that is so vague and can be easily messed up but one is certain to encounter.Kevin even went as fat as posting an answer to my specific situation which i didn't know how to effectively answer. Dr Alyssa is so helpful with her teaching, taking everything step by step and i mean everything was covered. The feedback sessions with her are very crucial and helpful. Matter of fact, I implemented one of her recommendations regarding my preps which I carried over into the exam and i'm happy to say it paid off. I got accepted to my dream school, a school I really really wanted to go to. I can't recommend IDC enough. They're simply a must have in your corner. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to Dr Alyssa, Kevin and to all the folks at IDC. Thank you so much guys. You are simply wonderful people.
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  1. MarisolSRoa September 22, 2017 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    Thank you! The video was very helpful 🙂

  2. Kevin Marshall September 22, 2017 at 9:16 pm - Reply

    Thanks it should be working now, let us know if not!

  3. AC September 24, 2017 at 1:54 am - Reply

    Thank you for this video! It was very insightful, especially the interview strategies. Please go over the preps usually asked at California bench tests soon :).

  4. radha March 30, 2018 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    This video is Absolutely on point
    As an applicant from another country we don’t know what to expect in interviews and even if we know common questions, we don’t know how to answer strategically to “wow” interviewer.

    Right guidance is the key to success

    I would like to suggest something
    Can you post transcript of this video because if I want to go through this video again and to refresh the advice it’s difficult to find video and exact information

    – I have read your book about the step by step guide for international dentists
    It’s very handy, I can look up any information anytime

    Currently I am preparing for TOEFL and I will watch this video again when I will start preparing for interviews

    So if you can make pdf file or post transcript of videos it will be very helpful

    Thank you very much for insightful information

    Guest – R

    • Kevin Marshall March 30, 2018 at 5:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Radha,

      That’s a great suggestion about the transcription. Will look into doing this in the future.

      Thanks for your words as well!

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