Who is this for?

This is for the seasoned practitioner keenly aware that when it comes to admissions, there are no guarantees. An applicant facing challenges, such as low numbers, failed classes, or lack of a diverse resume. This is for anyone who knows that hopeful wishing alone isn’t enough for dental school admissions.

What is The All-In Service?

The All-In Service is a one-of-a-kind service where we work closely together from the very beginning, before the application even starts, till the very end. Ever wished you had someone to turn to anytime you were unsure of something? Someone who knew your strengths and weaknesses intimately that cares about your success?

Going All-In means you saying yes to making your hopes a reality. Going All-In puts you on the path to having the future you deserve. Going All-In means you believing in yourself, your talent and your potential. Going All-In means we are here for you anytime, day or night. Going All-In means you are not in this alone, we are partners, in this together, through the very end. Going All-In means you’re not putting your future in the hands of hope. Instead, you put your future in your own hands and ours. Going All-In means success isn’t just for someone else, it’s for you.

How does it work?

Unlimited resources, unlimited answers, unlimited access

Finding your Action Plan

Finding the right strategy is the key to success.

During your initial meeting with Dr. Marshall and your consultant, they’ll take the time to understand who you are; your background, strengths and weaknesses, and your future hopes and dreams. having a real sense of who you are, they will come up with a customized application strategy to serve as a roadmap for you.

This will include:

  • An outline of your strengths
  • Identifying weaknesses and how to mitigate them
  • Recommended activities to include in your CV if needed
  • Selecting stories that will highlight you as an applicant, to include in your essays
  • Recommendation strategy, to help you select the recommenders and develop material to guide and assist them in writing the best recommendation letter to help you stand out

You’ll receive an Application Strategy Document, to serve as a roadmap for your applications.

Editing of Everything

Work with your consultant on all of your applications.
Unlimited revisions, unlimited number of documents.

Everything is a representation of you and needs to be carefully crafted. Your personal statement, curriculum vitae, CAAPID application, recommendation letters, and any school specific essay questionnaire will be worked on by your consultant who knows your background, strengths, and weaknesses intimately to represent your streamlined persona.

Expanded Team

As a client, you have access to our entire team. Your primary consultant will help you connect with other experts as needed to determine the best path for you or to answer your more complex questions.

Every year is different and every candidate is unique so accept nothing less than personalized attention that reflects your individuality.

Bench Test Mastery Course

The advanced standing programs are unique that only dentists can apply, and dental schools take the bench test very seriously. Your work needs to stand apart from the crowd, and Bench Test Mastery will help you get there.
As an All-In client, you have unlimited access to Dr. Marshall to personally coach and guide you through.

Read more about Bench Test Mastery here

Interview Mastery Course

During an interview is when the committee finally has a chance to interact with you in person, and they’ll have a lot of questions prepared for you.

Get equipped with the knowledge of what they’re looking for and what’s running through their minds before, during, and after their interaction with you through this course. Learn how to answer tricky questions or situational questions. Learn to become someone they want in their program.

Read more about the Interview Mastery Course here

Practice Interviews

Practice makes perfect.
Practice interviews are modeled after the real interview, simulating the program you are preparing for. Get feedback and discuss how to answer difficult questions and explain any weaknesses you have on your profile. Mock interviews and feedbacks are recorded and sent to you for you to review.

We’ll work together until we’re all satisfied with your interview performance through repeated practice sessions and feedback.
At the end you’ll have the confidence that only comes from practice and precision.

Post Interview

We’re partners and we don’t stop working together until you get the final yes. Unlimited resources, unlimited answers, unlimited access until that day comes. Your success is our success!

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